Disclosure services (zakat / tax):

Disclosure services (zakat / tax):

Tax disclosure procedures require filling out a declaration with the tax authority. Therefore, we assist individuals and companies in determining their taxable income and ultimately their tax obligations.

To meet your requirements, our experienced consultants support you in:

  • Tax compliance obligations to ensure you a consistent approach to reporting.
  • Improve tax records and payments.
  • Increased efficiency by reducing the time of the information gathering process for tax disclosure requirements.
  • Tax disclosure procedures require that the tax return form be filled out by the concerned party to the relevant tax authority. Therefore, our company assists companies, individuals or small and medium enterprises to verify or prepare general discount reports.

Consulting services. 

We possess a set of unique skills that enable us to advise on :

  • How compensation, income, investment, sales, tax refund expectations and salaries will be handled in each region to avoid double tax
  • How the timing of payments and reporting will affect you from a cash flow perspective
  • Specific aspects of your tax situation including tax overview, stock transactions, timing of tax payments/receipts etc.