Book Keeping

With book keeping services 

We enable the growth of your business and help you focus at the core while managing all your accounts and records making your financial reporting more timely and efficient. Our trusted team of accountants who have a wide practical background in knowledge management and consultancy provide tried and approved bookkeeping services and review your business, circumstances and requirements

We can help our clients with

  • Manage bookkeeping and accounts completely remotely and to keep their financial position free from trouble we use our resources in a timely manner
  • Presenting a series of our available procedures/options based on their specific needs to suit the needs of the majority of companies. We offer integrated services at a fixed fee
  • Our accounting services are useful in managing a range of different businesses

Since we specialize in specific sectors, we are up to date with the latest tax laws and have a deep understanding as well as methods and tools for bookkeeping for your business.

Bookkeeping activities

Bookkeeping services include the following activities

  • Sales Invoice Management
  • Record and allocate payments and receipts in the ledger
  • Payments and settlements
  • Fixed asset registry maintenance
  • Routine transactions end of the month
  • Manage cash flow, income, expenses and payments (tax, invoice, etc.)
  • Easily organize and manage inventory
  • Track costs by project, location, or budget

Preparing financial statements

The financial statements will be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the International Principles for the Preparation of Financial Statements and generally accepted accounting principles and in accordance with any other system related to the preparation of reports prevailing in that country in particular.

Report packages

Al-Dorah also offers customized reporting packages (on demand) according to management needs. It may include :

  • Under the umbrella of payroll services, we specialize in all aspects of the detection process
  • And our biggest advantage is that we take full responsibility for the business owner, allowing him to focus on other aspects of running his business